Toriumi Patient Review
Looking for rhinoplasty patient reviews of Dr. Dean Toriumi of Chicago, Illinois?  If so, this website recounts my experience with him and provides before and after photos of my nightmare.   

Before Toriumi 

As a teenager, I’d had two nose jobs, mostly for cosmetic purposes.  By my late 20s, I had some valve collapse that affected my breathing, as can be seen in the photo below.  So, about two years ago, I went to Dr. Toriumi for a tertiary rhinoplasty to address these breathing problems and related concerns. 

The following is a photo of me
BEFORE my Toriumi surgery:

After Toriumi

During my surgery, Dr. Toriumi removed my septum and added layers of rib grafts to my face where natural nose tissue once was. 
  • My Toriumi surgery left me in constant discomfort and with restricted facial movement, including a permanent crease above my upper lip when I attempted to smile (see arrow in photo below). 
  • More than a year after my surgery with him, I felt as if an elephant were sitting on my face. 
  • I cried daily, wishing I had known that my surgery with him was going to entail what I can only describe as the amputation of my nose. 
  • The “prosthetic” rib cartilage nose with which I had been left was painful, stiff, and felt like a foreign object stitched into the muscles of my face. 
  • As evident in the photos below, my nose felt and looked as if it were bursting with grafts.

The following are photos of me more than one year
AFTER my Toriumi surgery:     

*** Deciding to undergo surgery with Dr. Toriumi has been the biggest regret of my life. ***

Revising My Toriumi Nose

To make a long story short, after touring the country seeking a surgeon who could revise my Toriumi nose, I selected someone who I thought could help me, and I had my Toriumi nose revised.  The pain and discomfort are much better now, I can breathe wonderfully, and I look like myself again.

The following are photos of me after my Toriumi nose was revised by ANOTHER DOCTOR.

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